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The rise and rise of Active ETFs

ETF Watch - Aug 09, 2018

Exchange Traded Managed Funds or “Active ETFs” are taking off in Australia, with 10 new listings in the last year alone. We think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Today we look at why active ETFs will continue to grow in popularity. [More]

PM Capital’s launch of “PTrackERS” has brought new innovation to the LIC space and helps to reduce the inherent risk of LICs trading at discounts to their NAV. We take a look at what PTrackERS are and PM Capital's new GO 2020 fund. [More]

One of the unique attributes of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and one which they share with managed funds, is their ability to create new units to grow their size. We take a look at the ETFs with the highest inflows in the 2018 Financial Year. [More]

Global markets recorded positive gains in the 2018 Financial Year, continuing their march forward in what is becoming one of the longest bull markets in history. We look at the performance in the 2018 Financial year of all ETFs and LICs we cover. [More]

In what is becoming an increasingly popular trend, another Active ETF has recently launched, with InvesSMART launching their Australian Equity Income Fund (INIF), raising $30m prior to listing, and now offering their Value Investing style on the ASX. [More]

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Pengana LIC profitable again

Financial Standard - Aug 15, 2018

Pengana's listed investment company posted solid profits for the financial year, springing back from last year's losses of $23 million. Pengana International Equities (PIA) raked in a total investment income of $40 million, up 260% over... [Link]

Dividend increases boost Argo’s FY profit

Money Management - Aug 15, 2018

Australian listed investment company (LIC), Argo Investments, has announced a full-year profit of $218.9 million, which was 3.5 per cent higher compared to last year thanks to higher dividends from Macquarie Group, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. [Link]

If there is one thing fund managers are thinking about at the moment, other than yearly and half-yearly results, it is listed investment companies. From what we hear, there are at least half a dozen fundies testing the appetite of brokers and... [Link]

New high-conviction stockpicker Firetrail Investments is readying a $500 million initial public offering for a listed long/short Australian equities fund. Street Talk understands Firetrail, founded this year by a group of former Macquarie... [Link]

With one trade, ETFs can provide investors with the easiest way to achieve instant access to a broad base of companies and stock markets across different industries and even countries. [Link]

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