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Boutique fund manager, Morphic Asset Management are currently raising up to $275m for a new fund with a focus on the increasingly popular ethical investments space in global equities. The offer is due to close on 19 April 2017. [More]

The latest LIC on offer is from URB Investments, a LIC focused on investing in listed companies and direct property assets that are exposed to urban renewal and regeneration, making this one quite a unique offering. We take a look at the fund. [More]

Plato Investment Management are launching a new Australian focused LIC with a focus on dividend yield, providing investors with monthly dividends. The IPO is open until 21 April 2017, and is aiming to raise $330m. We take a look at the offer. [More]

Listed Investment Company ALF had a 10% drop in its share price in a single day. The fall came the day after the fund announced a cut to its dividend and reduced franking. We have a look at why LICs cut dividends and how to protect against falls. [More]

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) have a long history in Australia, with some LICs on the ASX originating in the 1930s. There's 6 funds available that are greater than 40 years old, AFI, ARG, AUI, CIN, MLT and WHF. We take a look at them. [More]

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The listed investment company established by stock pickers at Fat Prophets got off to an encouraging start on low volumes after making its ASX debut on Wednesday morning. After opening at 11am, the Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund made its... [Link]

It has taken some time, but index investing via exchange traded funds is now growing like topsy and even some fund managers, that charge fees for active management, are buying them. Although they wouldn't like you to know that. [Link]

Australia's $2.2 trillion superannuation savings pot is fuelling record demand for exchange traded funds. The number of self-managed super funds holding such investments surged to a record 100,000 in September, according to a report from... [Link]

ETFs hit all time high in February

Money Management - Mar 14, 2017

The Australian exchange traded fund (ETF) industry hit a new all-time high at the end of February, showing a 3.6 per cent year-on-year growth and reaching $26.1 billion in funds under management (FUM), helped by both asset value appreciation and... [Link]

Experts say exchange traded funds can give young investors "instant gratification" similar to that being offered by new tech-driven financial products, but without the high fees. Investment experts have told young investors considering moving... [Link]

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2016 Australian Robo Adviser Roundup

We take a look at what Robo Advice is, and who the players are in the Australian market.

Australian index ETF showdown: IOZ, STW & VAS compared

The 3 heavyweights of the Australian index ETFs share many similarities but some subtle differences. We take a look.

Digging deep into Australian listed Gold ETFs

The Gold ETFs available on the ASX and how they differ.