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The rise of ETFs has brought low cost investing to the masses. Betashares have set a new benchmark for low cost, with their Australia 200 Fund, designed to track the broad Australian share market, with management costs of 0.07%pa. We take a look. [More]

Blackrock Australia has recently announced that they will be converting 14 of their iShares US domiciled ETFs to Australian domiciled ETFs, removing the pesky W8-BEN form as a requirement for investors in these products. They are also closing 5 ETFs. [More]

Recently I was checking out Morphic Ethical Equities Fund (MEC) and observed how fickle the premium / discount to NTA can behave. This type of pattern I see quite often in new LICs. I take a look at some recent global LIC IPO performance. [More]

It was only a matter of time until Wilson Asset Management joined the global LIC space. They've just launched their latest IPO, WAM Global Limited, raising up to $550m. The offer is open until 8 June 2018. We take a look. [More]

Gryphon Capital Investments are currently raising up to $350m for their new Listed Investment Trust (LIT), Gryphon Capital Income Trust (GCI). GCI is a fixed income focused product with monthly distributions. We take a brief look. [More]

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BlackRock takes aim at active ETFs

Investor Daily - May 24, 2018

There is little to recommend the practice of housing actively managed funds within an ETF structure, argues BlackRock. Speaking in Sydney on Tuesday, BlackRock head of iShares Jon Howie indicated he was unconvinced by the concept of actively... [Link]

Gryphon Capital raises $175m for LIC

Investor Daily - May 23, 2018

Boutique fund manager Gryphon Capital Investments has raised $175 million to list its fixed income fund on the ASX. In a statement, Gryphon Capital Investments announced its Gryphon Capital Income Trust had exceeded the minimum offer amount of... [Link]

Australia's exchange-traded funds industry could be a prime beneficiary should the royal commission trigger regulation that calls time on the practice of financial services firms pushing their own products, the head of BlackRock... [Link]

Perennial has reduced management fees for its defensive listed investment company as part of a revision of the overall investment strategy. Management fees for the Wealth Defender Equities LIC will be cut from 0.98% to 0.8%. [Link]

The shifting LIC landscape

Investor Daily - May 22, 2018

The LIC market has more than doubled its market capitalisation to $37.9 billion in the six years to March 2018 – and there have been sweeping changes in the availability of investment strategies and managers on offer. [Link]

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