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Riding the share market rollercoaster

ETF Watch - Nov 07, 2018

The month of October saw volatility return to global share markets. With fairly benign conditions for a few years now, it did not take long for doom and gloom headlines to dominate as markets fell by anywhere from 10 – 20%. We look at what happened. [More]

Today we take a look at the latest LIC IPO, one that focuses on the unique asset class of commercial real estate finance. The Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund (QRI) IPO is open until 13 November 2018, and aims to raise up to $500m. [More]

Can you make money from real estate without buying it?

Qualitas Securities - Oct 23, 2018

Buying property isn’t the only way to gain exposure. In fact, real estate debt can provide strong returns and capital preservation for investors, regardless of property price movements. There’s no doubt Australian investors have a love affair with... [More]

Vanguard gets ethical with VESG and VEFI

ETF Watch - Oct 16, 2018

One does not need to go back far to remember a time where ethical investing was relegated to the fringes and considered an ideology that would impact investing performance. How times have changed. Today we look at Vanguard's new Ethical ETFs. [More]

The Firetrail Absolute Return Limited (FTA) IPO is currently open. Offering access to Firetrail’s Long Short Strategy, the offer is open until 19 October and seeks to raise up to $378m. We take a look at the strategy and the Firetrail offer. [More]

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ETF Securities launches CURE ETF

Money Management - Nov 12, 2018

ETF Securities has launched its new CURE exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which will offer investors exposure to healthcare biotechnology companies. CURE would follow the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry... [Link]

Fidelity International has launched its first Active ETF on the Australian Securities Exchange, the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: FEMX). As an active ETF, the fund has a benchmark index but the portfolio management... [Link]

Fidelity launches first active ETF in Australia

Money Management - Nov 06, 2018

Fidelity International has announced the launch of its first active exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Australia, the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund (FEMX). The firm said that as an active ETF the fund would have a benchmark index, however... [Link]

Sydney-based equities investor Cadence Asset Management has outlined its pitch for a new listed investment company that will seek to profit from market volatility. Cadence chairman Karl Siegling has told potential investors the new fund would... [Link]

Pinnacle drops fees in Blue Sky fund bid

Financial Standard - Nov 05, 2018

Pinnacle has knocked off performance fees from its bid to manage the Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund, bringing it in line with Wilson Asset Management's bid, according to LIC's directors. The two managers have put in proposals to gain... [Link]

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