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The end of the financial year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been. In this short post we rank the performance of all ASX listed ETFs and LICs that we follow. [More]

With 51.9% of the vote the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Markets have reacted with expected volatility. We have a look at some of the ETFs that are sure to be affected by this momentous event. [More]

What are Exchange Traded Managed Funds?

ETF Watch - Jun 19, 2016

With AMP and Betashares recently launching the first of their joint venture actively managed ETFs, it’s timely to have a look at Exchange Traded Managed Funds (ETMFs), what they are, how they work and who offers them. [More]

Last month Betashares launched two new ETFs, a Europe based ETF, and a Japan based ETF. Both of these ETFs have been created by Wisdomtree, a US based ETF provider with over $35b under management. Betashares announced back in 2014 that they had... [More]

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The battle to save the $425 million AMP Capital China Growth Fund from liquidation triggered by its second-largest independent shareholder intensified yesterday after a proxy advisory firm recommended shareholders vote to wind up the... [Link]

Sydney-based global equities manager Antipodes is expected to start marketing its new listed investment company in coming weeks, capitalising on its returns for the year to June 30. The unlisted Antipodes Global Fund, which is expected to... [Link]

Dividends will be lower for longer, says Djerriwarrh Investments managing director Ross Barker, after his $900 million listed investment company slashed its shareholder payout after a slide in profit. The LIC, which is managed by the AFIC group... [Link]

Empowering advisors to building better ETP Portfolios

Professional Planner - Jul 19, 2016

Advisors and direct investors alike increasingly enjoy an unprecedented array of access to new asset classes and most importantly, “peer” product competition across the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and overall Exchange Traded Product (ETP) landscape. [Link]

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We take a look at what Robo Advice is, and who the players are in the Australian market.

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The Gold ETFs available on the ASX and how they differ.

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