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When we talk about tech companies in Australia, the household names of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and Amazon come to mind. However, there's a whole raft of huge Asian tech companies servicing the world and their own markets. We take a look. [More]

Global share markets have quickly moved from bull markets to bear markets over the last few months, with the Australian share market now sitting at 12 month lows. We thought its time to take a look at how LIC Net Asset Values have compared to prices. [More]

In what may be the last opportunity this year, Cadence Capital are currently raising capital for their Cadence Opportunities Fund (CDO). Raising up to $200m, the CDO IPO is due to close on 13 December 2018. Below we take a brief look at the offer. [More]

Riding the share market rollercoaster

ETF Watch - Nov 07, 2018

The month of October saw volatility return to global share markets. With fairly benign conditions for a few years now, it did not take long for doom and gloom headlines to dominate as markets fell by anywhere from 10 – 20%. We look at what happened. [More]

Today we take a look at the latest LIC IPO, one that focuses on the unique asset class of commercial real estate finance. The Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund (QRI) IPO is open until 13 November 2018, and aims to raise up to $500m. [More]

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Challenger kicks off active ETFs

Financial Standard - Dec 10, 2018

Challenger's multi-boutique business Fidante Partners has listed its first active ETF as it dips its toes in the exchange-traded fund market. The Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (ASX: XARO) has become the first launch out of the ActiveX banner that... [Link]

ETFs rake in cash despite volatility

The Australian - Dec 03, 2018

The marked increase in volatility on global markets over recent months, including on the ASX, has failed to curtail retail investor inflows into exchange-traded fund products. Inflows into Australian-listed ETFs late last month had totalled $466... [Link]

ALP may trigger $40bn LIC reset

The Australian - Nov 27, 2018

The $40 billion Listed Investment Company sector — a favourite of conservative investors — is going to have to undertake a massive legal restructure to save itself should the ALP win power. Geoff Wilson, one of the most powerful players in the LIC... [Link]

Feeling the pain of a continued rough ride on the Australian stock market? It's likely to be much worse if you've got a concentrated portfolio – a timely reminder of the importance of diversifying your investments. [Link]

Australia's first active fixed income ETF goes live

Financial Standard - Nov 20, 2018

A Legg Mason affiliate has become the first to offer an actively-managed fixed income fund as an exchange-traded fund in Australia. Ringing the bell at the ASX in Sydney yesterday, Western Asset Management portfolio manager Anthony Kirkham listed... [Link]

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