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Global interest rates are at record lows and investors are searching for returns in excess of what they can get on bank deposits. Today we will take a look at some of the equity ETFs that have been designed to deliver high dividend yield. [More]

One of the unique attributes of ETFs is their ability to create new units. We rank the top 20 ETFs by net inflows for the 2016 Financial Year and have a look at the insights they provide. [More]

Antipodes Partners have today launched their new LIC IPO, Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (APL), which is aiming to raise up to $220m. We have a look at IPO and where this fund may fit into an investor's portfolio. [More]

There's been a flurry of new ETFs listed in the last couple of months. This includes everything from large cap focused global funds, to niche industries, and a couple of actively managed ETFs. We take a look at these new listings [More]

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Perennial Value Management veteran stock picker John Murray has defended the lacklustre performance of the fund manager’s listed offshoot Wealth Defender Equities, which uses “airbag” derivative tools to protect holders from violent market downturns. [Link]

Antipodes LIC smashes target

Money Management - Sep 26, 2016

Antipodes Global Investment Company (APL) has exceeded its $220 million milestone and is now open to accepting another $110 million in over subscriptions, for its long-short global security investment portfolio, according to APL. [Link]

A case for equal weight ETFs: Vaneck

Money Management - Sep 26, 2016

Investors are increasingly turning to equal weight exchange traded funds (ETFs) for diversification as just 10 companies make up 50 per cent of the ASX 200 index, VanEck Australia said. VanEck Australia's director of investments and strategy... [Link]

Australian ETP Market Continues to Grow

Money Management - Sep 21, 2016

Australia's strategic beta exchange-traded products (ETPs) market has continued to grow both its assets and number of products, with four new product launches as of the end of June, according to Morningstar. [Link]

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2016 Australian Robo Adviser Roundup

We take a look at what Robo Advice is, and who the players are in the Australian market.

Digging deep into Australian listed Gold ETFs

The Gold ETFs available on the ASX and how they differ.

The lowest cost ETF portfolio available on the ASX

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