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Antipodes Partners have today launched their new LIC IPO, Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (APL), which is aiming to raise up to $220m. We have a look at IPO and where this fund may fit into an investor's portfolio. [More]

There's been a flurry of new ETFs listed in the last couple of months. This includes everything from large cap focused global funds, to niche industries, and a couple of actively managed ETFs. We take a look at these new listings [More]

When most people think of India, they may not associate it with its investment potential. The latest LIC IPO on offer, the India Fund Limited IPO is attempting to bring the ability to invest directly into India to Australian investors. [More]

The end of the financial year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been. In this short post we rank the performance of all ASX listed ETFs and LICs that we follow. [More]

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Savvy investors are tapping into the vast array of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – which started out as a passive benchmark achiever in a portfolio – to generate outperformance in their own right. James MacNevin, chief operating officer for... [Link]

UniSuper chairman Chris Cuffe, the “father” of Colonial First State who left the fund manager in 2003 with a $33 million payout, will join the board of listed investment company Argo. Mr Cuffe, the founder of Australian Philanthropic Services... [Link]

Hunter Hall's Global Value Limited (HHV) announced an after-tax profit of $30.5 million on Wednesday afternoon, down from $51.2 million a year ago and saw its share price rise 1c or 0.7 per cent to $1.45 following the announcement. [Link]

Stockbroker Taylor Collison has opened the books on a $119.1 million placement for listed investment company WAM Capital. The broker contacted potential investors on Thursday morning, seeking bids at $2.14 a share. [Link]

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