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ETF Watch - Nov 02, 2015

Welcome to ETF Watch.  We are extremely excited to have phase 1 of ETF Watch live and would love to hear your feedback good or bad.  This is a work in progress and it’s only feedback from our users that will allow us to improve the site.

Our goal is to “make investing easier”.  We hope this site helps you to research and better understand the Australian ETF and LIC market.

How we got here

ETF Watch was born out of our frustration at the difficulty of finding a consolidated source of information on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) on the internet.  The Australian listed fund market has grown rapidly over the last few years and now has over 200 funds available.  Lagging behind the US where ETFs have been incredibly popular for around the last 10 years it is inevitable that the Australian market continues to grow.  In July 2015 we decided to provide a consolidated source of information on the Australian listed fund market, and now in November 2015 we are live with our website.

Why ETFs & LICs?

Whilst ETFs are certainly the flavour of the month, the Listed Investment Company sector has seen a resurgence in recent years, in part due to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms which removed commissions from managed funds, and in part due to changes on the way LICs report profits and pay dividends.  Most importantly, the investment objectives of ETFs and LICs are becoming more and more aligned, with a number of Exchange Traded Managed Funds recently being released, which have an active management style normally relegated to LICs.  We are fans of LICs and some of their unique attributes, so ETF Watch will be dedicated to both asset types.

What are the main attributes of ETF Watch?

Phase 1 of ETF Watch has been split into 5 key components:

  1. Find a Fund – This allows users to search for a fund based on a number of attributes and then compare like fund attributes.  Not sure which funds focus on Small Cap Australian Equities?  Find a Fund will help you navigate the 200+ available funds.
  2. Fund details – This gives key information on each fund including performance charts and dividend history as well as blog and news articles that relate to that fund.
  3. Blog – This is what you are reading right now.  We aim to post a blog article at least fortnightly, but possibly more often depending on what is happening at the time.  The Blog will provide key insights and we hope to have a number of guest bloggers on board before long.
  4. News Feed – The news feed will be a consolidated source of news on the Australian ETF & LIC market place
  5. Email newsletters – We aim to provide a monthly recap to subscribers through our email newsletter.

One thing that ETF Watch definitely is not is an investment adviser.  We won’t be recommending investments or portfolios.  We are not licensed to provide advice and frankly this is not what we believe this service should be.  We certainly hope that investment advisers use the site to help them gather the information to build their clients’ portfolios but we’ll leave the investing decisions to the experts.

What now?

Stick around and explore the site.  We’d love to hear your feedback, either through our contact form or in the comments below.  Please tell your friends about ETF Watch and signup to our newsletters to know the latest on ETFs & LICs in Australia.  We are excited about where ETF Watch can head and would love to have you along for the ride!

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