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Boutique fund manager Spheria Asset Management are currently raising up to $250m for their new Listed Investment Company, Spheria Emerging Companies (SEC). The offer is open until 25 November, unless fully subscribed prior. [More]

Many new ETF listings coming through focus on specific market themes. ETF Securities have recently launched two new thematic offerings, an ETF focused on Robotics (ROBO) as well as an ETF focused on infrastructure (CORE). We take a look. [More]

If there’s one thing we’ve learned running ETF Watch it is that we Australians love dividends. Dividend Harvesting is a popular strategy employed by those seeking to maximise their yield. We take a look at the strategy and the ETFs which employ it. [More]

Magellan's latest offering, Magellan Global Trust (MGG) is seeking to raise as much as they can. A generous offer to existing Magellan fund holders may see this IPO break through the $2 billion mark. We take a look. [More]

Time for global active managers to outperform & common catalysts for LICs

Steve Green from - Aug 24, 2017

Most investors probably have an inkling that active fund managers are not doing a stellar job when it comes to outperforming the S&P 500 of late. Steve takes a look at some of the internationally focused LICs available that are trading at discounts. [More]

Metrics Credit Partners (MCP) are specialist fund manager focusing on the fixed income space, in particular corporate debt. MCP are in the process of raising up to $500m for their MCP Master Income Trust (MXT). We take a look at the offer. [More]

Founded in 1998, VGI Partners is a global fund manager based out of Sydney and New York. They are in the process of launching a new LIC, VGI Partners GLobal Investments Limited (VG1), which is seeking to raise up to $400m in their IPO. We take a look [More]

After raising around $50m only a few months ago for their Global Contrarian Fund, Fat Prophets are back at it, recently launching their Global Property Fund. They are looking to raise up to $220m for their new fund. The IPO closes on 1 September. [More]

We first took a look at the ETFs which had the highest inflows for the financial year this time last year. With the end of financial year long behind us, it’s time to take another look and see if there were any changes from last year. [More]

Boutique fund manager Evans & Partners are currently raising up to $150m for their new Listed Investment Trust, the Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund (EGD). The offer is open until 18 July. We take a look. [More]

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