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With the seemingly exponential growth of ETFs and LICs in Australia it can seem hard to keep up with what's new. We make it easy for you with the most recent listings listed below.

2017 New Listings

Listing Date Ticker Fund Type Fund Name
20 Dec 2017 MOGL ETF Montgomery Global Equities Fund (Managed Fund)
5 Dec 2017 SEC LIC Spheria Emerging Companies Limited
29 Nov 2017 FAIR ETF Betashares Australian Sustainability Leaders ETF
22 Nov 2017 VDCO ETF Vanguard Diversified Conservative Index ETF
22 Nov 2017 VDBA ETF Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETF
22 Nov 2017 VDGR ETF Vanguard Diversified Growth Index ETF
22 Nov 2017 VDHG ETF Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index ETF
17 Nov 2017 HBRD ETF Betashares Active Australian Hybrids Fund (managed fund)
18 Oct 2017 MGG LIC Magellan Global Trust
12 Oct 2017 VBND ETF Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond Index (Hedged) ETF
10 Oct 2017 FPP LIC Fat Prophets Global Property Fund
9 Oct 2017 MXT LIC MCP Master Income Trust
28 Sep 2017 VG1 LIC VGI Partners Global Investments Limited
20 Sep 2017 CORE ETF ETFS Global Core Infrastructure ETF
14 Sep 2017 ROBO ETF ETFS Robo Global Robotics and Automation ETF
14 Sep 2017 PAXX ETF Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)
14 Sep 2017 PIXX ETF Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)
2 Aug 2017 EGD LIC Evans & Partners Global Disruption Fund
7 Jul 2017 FLOT ETF Vaneck Vectors Australian Floating Rate ETF
28 Jun 2017 WMI LIC WAM Microcap Limited
23 Jun 2017 CQG LIC Contango Global Growth Limited
6 Jun 2017 BILL ETF iShares Core Cash ETF
6 Jun 2017 ISEC ETF iShares Enhanced Cash ETF
6 Jun 2017 QPON ETF Betashares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETF
26 May 2017 MONY ETF UBS IQ Cash ETF
12 May 2017 BHD LIC Benjamin Hornigold Limited
11 May 2017 PLUS ETF Vaneck Vectors Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETF
5 May 2017 PL8 LIC Plato Income Maximiser Limited
3 May 2017 MEC LIC Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Limited
12 Apr 2017 URB LIC URB Investments Limited
11 Apr 2017 TECH ETF ANZ ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF
11 Apr 2017 SMLL ETF Betashares Australian Small Companies Select Fund (managed fund)
22 Mar 2017 FPC LIC Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund Ltd
24 Feb 2017 SWTZ ETF Switzer Dividend Growth Fund (managed fund)
18 Jan 2017 TEK LIC Thorney Technologies LTD
9 Jan 2017 ETHI ETF Betashares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF
24 Jan 2017 AUDS ETF Betashares Strong Australian Dollar Fund (hedge fund)
24 Jan 2017 YANK ETF Betashares Strong U.S. Dollar Fund (hedge fund)


2016 New Listings

Listing Date Ticker Fund Type Fund Name
21 Dec 2016 WGF LIC Watermark Global Leaders Fund Limited
16 Dec 2016 FOR LIC Forager Australian Shares Fund
18 Oct 2016 APL LIC Antipodes Global Investment Company LTD
14 Oct 2016 AUMF ETF iShares Edge MSCI Australia Multifactor ETF
14 Oct 2016 MVOL ETF iShares Edge MSCI Australia Minimum Volatility ETF
14 Oct 2016 WVOL ETF iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ETF
14 Oct 2016 WDMF ETF iShares Edge MSCI World Multifactor ETF
5 Oct 2016 EX20 ETF Betashares Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF
1 Sep 2016 HACK ETF Betashares Global Cybersecurity ETF
16 Aug 2016 GROW ETF Schroder Real Return Fund (Managed Fund)
8 Aug 2016 DRUG ETF Betashares Global Healthcare ETF - Currency Hedged
4 Aug 2016 FOOD ETF Betashares Global Agriculture Companies ETF - Currency Hedged
3 Aug 2016 DMKT ETF AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund)
1 Aug 2016 BNKS ETF Betashares Global Banks ETF - Currency Hedged
29 Jul 2016 MNRS ETF Betashares Global Gold Miners ETF - Currency Hedged
22 Jul 2016 MICH ETF Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged) (Managed Fund)
16 Jun 2016 FUEL ETF Betashares Global Energy Companies ETF - Currency Hedged
6 Jun 2016 RENT ETF AMP Capital Global Property Securities Fund (unhedged) (managed fund)
6 Jun 2016 GLIN ETF AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Securities Fund (unhedged) (managed fund)
30 May 2016 WLE LIC WAM Leaders Limited
25 May 2016 VACF ETF Vanguard Australian Corporate Fixed Interest ETF
12 May 2016 HEUR ETF Betashares WisdomTree Europe ETF - Currency Hedged
12 May 2016 HJPN ETF Betashares WisdomTree Japan ETF - Currency Hedged
3 May 2016 IFRA ETF VanEck Vectors FTSE Global Infrastructure (Hedged) ETF
2 May 2016 FDIV ETF VanEck Vectors S&P/ASX Franked Dividend ETF
28 Apr 2016 IWLD ETF iShares Core MSCI World All Cap ETF
28 Apr 2016 IHWL ETF iShares Core MSCI World All Cap (AUD Hedged) ETF
12 Apr 2016 MA1 LIC Monash Absolute Investment Company
4 Feb 2016 HML LIC Henry Morgan Limited


2015 New Listings

Listing Date Ticker Fund Type Fund Name
21 Dec 2015 WRLD ETF Betashares Managed Risk Global Share Fund
16 Dec 2015 AEG LIC Absolute Equity Performance Fund Ltd
15 Dec 2015 KSM ETF K2 Australian Small Cap Fund
11 Dec 2015 VAE ETF Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan Shares Index ETF
11 Dec 2015 VEQ ETF Vanguard FTSE Europe Shares ETF
8 Dec 2015 VCF ETF Vanguard International Credit Securities Index (Hedged)
8 Dec 2015 VIF ETF Vanguard International Fixed Interest (Hedged)
4 Dec 2015 IHEB ETF iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF
4 Dec 2015 IHHY ETF iShares Global High Yield Bond (AUD Hedged) ETF
4 Dec 2015 IHCB ETF iShares Global Corporate Bond ETF
1 Dec 2015 8EC LIC 8IP Emerging Companies Limited
10 Nov 2015 AUST ETF Betashares Managed Risk Australian Share Fund
21 Sep 2015 PAI LIC Platinum Asia Investments Limited
15 Sep 2015 EAI LIC Ellerston Asian Investments
14 Sep 2015 QMIX ETF SPDR MSCI World Quality Mix Fund
10 Sep 2015 FGG LIC Future Generation Global Investment Company Limited
26 Aug 2015 BBUS ETF Betashares Geared US Eq Strong Bear Hedged Fund
21 Aug 2015 GC1 LIC Glennon Small Companies Limited
18 Aug 2015 GGUS ETF Betashares Geared US Equity Fnd - Currency Hedged
14 Aug 2015 CIE LIC Contango Income Generator Limited
10 Aug 2015 MHG ETF Magellan Global Equities Fund Currency Hedged (Managed Fund)
5 Aug 2015 AYZ LIC Australian Masters Yield Fund Number 5
20 Jul 2015 KII ETF K2 Global Equities Fund (Hedge Fund)
3 Jul 2015 ALI LIC Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited
1 Jul 2015 ZUSD ETF ANZ ETS Physical US Dollar ETF
26 Jun 2015 CETF ETF Market Vectors China AMC A-Share ETF (Synthetic)
26 Jun 2015 GDX ETF Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF
26 Jun 2015 MOAT ETF Market Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF
17 Jun 2015 ZCNH ETF ANZ ETFS Physical Renminbi ETF
12 Jun 2015 ZYUS ETF ANZ ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF
12 Jun 2015 ZYAU ETF ANZ ETFS S&P/ASX 300 High Yield Plus ETF
12 Jun 2015 ZGOL ETF ANZ Physical Gold ETF
28 May 2015 MVS ETF Market Vectors Small Cap Dividend Payers ETF
26 May 2015 NDQ ETF Betashares NASDAQ 100
22 May 2015 WDE LIC Wealth Defender Equities
13 May 2015 UBP ETF UBS IQ MSCI Asia APREX 50 Ethical ETF
20 Apr 2015 BBOZ ETF Betashares Australian Equities Strong Bear (Hedge Fund)
9 Apr 2015 RARI ETF Russell Australian Responsible Investment ETF
7 Apr 2015 UBA ETF UBS IQ MSCI Australia Ethical
2 Apr 2015 UBJ ETF UBS IQ MSCI Japan Ethical ETF
5 Mar 2015 MGE ETF Magellan Global Equities Fund
27 Feb 2015 UBU ETF UBS IQ MSCI USA Ethical ETF
25 Feb 2015 UBE ETF UBS IQ MSCI Europe Ethical ETF
25 Feb 2015 UBW ETF UBS IQ MSCI World ex Australia Ethical ETF
7 Jan 2015 AWQ LIC Arowana Australasian Value Opportunities Fund

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