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Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited

Fund Manager: Argo Investments
Inception Date: Jul 01, 2015

Argo LIC shakes up investment mandate

Financial Standard - Jun 29, 2017

Argo Investments' Argo Global Listed Infrastructure company is seeking shareholder approval to make a key change to its investment mandate. Under the current arrangement, the infrastructure LIC has a possible allocation of up to 20% in fixed income securities; the board is now seeking to remove this allocation entirely. From July 1, the LIC will be wholly invested in global listed infrastructure equities. [More]

Infrastructure stocks are supposed to be a safe and steady winner in volatile markets where investors are scrambling for a decent yield, but timing is also crucial. After raising $286 million in an initial public offering last year to invest in ASX market darling Transurban and a string of electricity companies, telecommunications towers and gas distributors in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Italy, Argo Global Listed Infrastructure is spinning its wheels from a share-price viewpoint. The issue price of the shares was $2 in July 2015, but even after some upward movement over the past two months, the stock remains underwater about the $1.90 mark. The firm invested the $286 million that it raised during the first 30 days in mid-2015 at a time when global sharemarkets were generally coming off a strong run during which the Australian market had been sitting between 5700 and 5800 points in April and May. AGLI managing director Jason Beddow says feedback  shows that most of its investors are in for the long haul, and the prospect of further interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia underpin the appeal of an unhedged offshore portfolio of steady earners. [More]

2016 has certainly started with a bang. As we write this the ASX is down around 8% for the year, some advisers are telling their clients to sell everything and the most fear and panic we’ve seen for a number of years are gripping global markets. This two part series is going to look at some of the strategies and funds that can be used to protect your portfolio in these volatile times. Part 1 below focuses on Listed Investment Companies (LICs), with part 2 focusing on Exchange Traded Funds ... [More]

More global LICs needed to satisfy investor demand in 2016

Sydney Morning Herald - Jan 08, 2016

Listed investment companies may launch more global funds this new year as jittery investors chase international exposure, seeking respite from record-low interest rates and losses from the local sharemarket.  Nathan Umapathy, research analyst at Bell Potter Securities, said there remained a "huge gap" in available international LIC products for Australian investors looking to diversify their portfolios.  With more than $75 billion already wiped off the local bourse since the start of this year, investors may soon be knocking on the doors of fund managers and LICs for more global muscle. [More]

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