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Fund Manager: AMCIL
Inception Date: Feb 01, 2000

AMCIL posts 16pc rise in profit

The Australian - Jul 24, 2018

Listed investment company AMCIL is hopeful the upcoming reporting season will unmask buying opportunities following a run-up in the market that has left it struggling to find any points of value. “The market’s had a very strong 12 months. Resource stocks, healthcare, the oil and gas sector and Wesfarmers and Woolworths have all had a very strong run. Even the last month or so we’ve seen a strong rebound from the banking sector off its low point, so that’s been a good recover. “We really need to go into reporting season and cast a fresh eye over the market because it’s not obvious to us right now where the value is,” AMCIL managing director Mark Freeman said. AMCIL, a stablemate of retiree favourite AFIC, yesterday reported a 16.1 per cent lift in profit to $6.2 million for the 2018 financial year. Revenue rose 27.4 per cent to $8.45m, while the management expense ratio was 0.69 per cent. [More]

Small stocks deliver for AMCIL

SBS - Jul 26, 2016

Australia-focused listed investment firm AMCIL has posted a 10 per cent jump in full-year profit after shifting its investment focus to small and medium stocks. AMCIL recorded a $7.7 million net profit for the year to June 30, 2016, on operating income to $10.4 million, up from $8.9 million a year earlier due to strong contributions from investments including Mayne Pharma and TPG Telecom. AMCIL announced a dividend of 3.5 cents per share and said it was well-placed to pursue new opportunities but ongoing volatility in the Australian market would require a "prudent approach". [More]

It’s official, the Australian Share Market has gone nowhere in the last 10 years. Referred to by some as Australia’s Lost Decade, the ASX 200 index closed at 5,310 on May 1 2006, and almost the same level of 5,252 on April 29 2016. What’s been missed in this comparison however is the impact of dividends on returns. Performance of shares including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) is generally reported on their share price movements over time ... [More]

Listed investment company Amcil yesterday announced a $5.1 million half-year profit despite heavy investment in Oil Search, which has seen sharp falls in its share price since the oil crash. Despite the fall in the commodities sector, which forced the company to dump its entire holding in Santos, Amcil was able to follow up similarly strong results from other AFIC-linked LICs this week. The $5.1m profit for Amcil is a 79.9 per cent increase on last year’s corresponding period result of $2.8m. Revenue from investments, excluding capital gains, was $3.64m, only 1 per cent up from last year’s result. [More]

AMCIL seeks $10 million from shareholders

Sydney Morning Herald - Jan 19, 2016

AMCIL is raising as much as $10 million from investors to tap upcoming initial public offerings and boost the listed investment company's holdings amid some of the most volatile investment markets on record.  AMCIL, which has a market valuation of $209 million, is asking investors for $7 million to $10 million through a share purchase plan that closes on February 5. "In a portfolio that has an investment approach that can scan for the best opportunities in the market, irrespective of company size, it is important to have the flexibility to take advantage of market conditions and other opportunities such as IPOs," AMCIL said in a statement.  [More]

One of the unique differences of Listed Investment Companies (LICs) compared to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is their ability to trade at a significant premium or discount to their Net Asset Values (NAVs), also known as Net Tangible Assets (NTAs). What are NAVs and what do they mean? As explained in our guide to ETFs & LICs, an example helps explain the concept of NAVs and how they can vary with LICs. Let’s take a LIC called XYZ company.  Today it is trading for $0.80 per sh ... [More]

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