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Aurora Dividend Income Trust (Managed Fund)

Fund Manager: Aurora Funds Management
Inception Date: Nov 01, 2005

It seemed like a marriage made in heaven: just as the “search for income” gripped Australian investors along came simple low-cost exchange-traded funds promising high yields and low costs. That was roughly three years ago and unfortunately for all concerned the markets were just about to change direction: as investors poured billions into high-yield dividend-focused ETFs, it so happened the world was changing and the share market had begun to focus on “growth” companies rather than big dividend paying banks and utilities. Now in 2018 the local ETF market has found itself with its first major disappointment: among high-yield ETFs the dividends keep rolling in, but the share prices have dropped across the board. [More]

Global interest rates are at record lows and investors are searching for returns in excess of the measly couple of percent they can get on bank deposits. Retirees in particular rely on income returns to fund their pension payments from their super funds, and Australian tax laws favour income payments in the form of dividends for those on low tax brackets. All of the above factors contribute to Australian investors’ obsession with yield. Today we will take a look at some of the equity based ... [More]

With AMP and Betashares recently launching the first of their joint venture actively managed ETFs, it’s timely to have a look at Exchange Traded Managed Funds (ETMFs), what they are, how they work and who offers them. Firstly, what is an ETF? We won’t go into detail about all the characteristics of an ETF (you can find that out here), but one of the key characteristics of an ETF is it must be rules based in its underlying portfolio construction, following a pre-defined benchmar ... [More]

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