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BKI Investment Company Limited

Fund Manager: BKI
Inception Date: Dec 01, 2003

It is full steam ahead for LIC IPOs with the latest offer from URB Investments, a Listed Investment Company (LIC) focused on investing in listed companies and direct property assets that are exposed to urban renewal and regeneration. Unlike many of the LICs available which tend to focus on broader markets, URB's proposed niche makes it quite a unique offering. URB are seeking to raise up to $300m, with the offer closing on 30 March 2017. What is Urban Renewal and regeneration? Rat ... [More]

The billionaire family that controls Washington Soul Pattinson is poised to make a fresh push into asset management with plans to launch a listed investment company (LIC) that will invest in assets poised to benefit from urban renewal. It is understood the investment managers are seeking to raise $300 million that will be invested in a mixture of direct property and equities in order to capitalise on the themes of urban regeneration and renewal. The vehicle will be externally managed by Contact Asset Management chief executive Tom Millner and portfolio manager Will Culbert. Mr Millner is the son of Robert Millner, chairman of the Washington Soul Pattinson conglomerate and related entities. Washington Soul Pattinson is expected to be a cornerstone investor in the listed company. [More]

It’s official, the Australian Share Market has gone nowhere in the last 10 years. Referred to by some as Australia’s Lost Decade, the ASX 200 index closed at 5,310 on May 1 2006, and almost the same level of 5,252 on April 29 2016. What’s been missed in this comparison however is the impact of dividends on returns. Performance of shares including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) is generally reported on their share price movements over time ... [More]

Fund manager identifies 6 top shares as portfolio holdings

Motley Fool Australia - Jan 29, 2016

While it might feel safer following the crowd and owning the popular stocks, successful contrarian investors who are prepared to stand tall and back their judgement no matter how foolish it may seem to others have a habit of outperforming the market. Right now, one sector which is certainly on the nose with most investors and definitely out of favour is energy. The decade low oil price has played havoc with many oil and gas stocks, while the collapse in the coal price has had a negative effect on coal stocks. This situation could make now the perfect time to start searching for undervalued investment opportunities within the energy sector. Here are six stocks recently highlighted by listed investment company (LIC) Bki Investment Co Ltd (ASX: BKI) as being constituents of the BKI portfolio. Of these six, there are three that I would suggest could be worth closer inspection… [More]

China fears! Billions of dollars lost! Unprecedented volatility!  With investment markets in full blown panic mode, two listed investment company stalwarts are advising investors to keep cool heads as they wade through some of the most volatile times on record.  Tom Millner, chief executive of the $900 million BKI Investment Company, urges investors not to see red despite nearly $120 billion wiped off the Australian share market since the start of this year.  [More]

Resource stocks could rally in 2017: BKI

Sydney Morning Herald - Jan 20, 2016

Resources companies that have been smashed by slowing demand from China may rebound from their current performance woes as early as next year, according to the $900 million BKI Investment Company. The listed investment company, which is run by the family that founded Washington H. Soul Pattinson & Co, believes underperforming resources companies will claw their way back into investors' good books as market volatility settles. BKI is confident major Australian resources companies exposed to commodities such as oil, coal and copper in particular will bounce back as the imbalance between supply and demand is adjusted and the Australian dollar declines further. [More]

One of the unique differences of Listed Investment Companies (LICs) compared to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is their ability to trade at a significant premium or discount to their Net Asset Values (NAVs), also known as Net Tangible Assets (NTAs). What are NAVs and what do they mean? As explained in our guide to ETFs & LICs, an example helps explain the concept of NAVs and how they can vary with LICs. Let’s take a LIC called XYZ company.  Today it is trading for $0.80 per sh ... [More]

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