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Cadence Capital

Fund Manager: Cadence Capital
Inception Date: Dec 01, 2006

There’s been a slow down in new LIC IPOs in recent times, but in what may be the last opportunity this year, Cadence Capital are currently raising capital for their Cadence Opportunities Fund (CDO). Raising up to $200m, the CDO IPO is due to close on 13 December 2018. Below we take a brief look at the offer. Who is Cadence Asset Management? Fund manager, Cadence Asset Management runs one of Australia’s older LICs, Cadence Capital (CDM). Launched in 2006, CDM has $340m under man ... [More]

Sydney-based equities investor Cadence Asset Management has outlined its pitch for a new listed investment company that will seek to profit from market volatility.  Cadence chairman Karl Siegling has told potential investors the new fund would would be more focused on short term price trends with a six to 18-month time horizon, rather than one to six years as would be the case in its $350 million-odd listed fund Cadence Capital Ltd.  Siegling told potential investors he would seek to raise up to $100 million at $1.25 a share, with up to another $100 million set aside for oversubscriptions.  [More]

Cadence Capital, founded by markets stalwart Karl Siegling, is planning a $250 million-plus listed investment company for shorter-term trading ideas as it nears a dozen years on the ASX.  The new LIC - to be called the Cadence Opportunities Fund - is being pencilled in for a listing on the local bourse late in the third quarter, after joint lead managers are appointed on the deal.   Mr Siegling said the new LIC would allow Cadence to have an "active trading version" of the firm's fundamental and technical research approach to investing in local and global stocks.  [More]

As an alternative dividend source to the banks and property trusts, the burgeoning listed investment company sector should be on the shopping list of any self-respecting, self-funded retiree. An LIC is a basket of stocks chosen by a manager and then listed as an investment vehicle on the sharemarket. Critics of LICs contend that investors are merely incurring a management fee to invest in the usual blue-chip suspects: for example, despite recently broadening its investments into selected mid-caps, the banks still account for 25 per cent of the portfolio of the biggest LIC in the local market, the Australian Foundation Investment Company. [More]

2016 has certainly started with a bang. As we write this the ASX is down around 8% for the year, some advisers are telling their clients to sell everything and the most fear and panic we’ve seen for a number of years are gripping global markets. This two part series is going to look at some of the strategies and funds that can be used to protect your portfolio in these volatile times. Part 1 below focuses on Listed Investment Companies (LICs), with part 2 focusing on Exchange Traded Funds ... [More]

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