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AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund)

Fund Manager: AMP Capital / Betashares
Inception Date: Aug 03, 2016

Australia's exchange traded funds market is expanding as issuers launch ETFs that provide exposure to different assets, sectors or strategies. The following is a selection of newer-style exchange-traded products (ETPs), but remember you'll also need to assess factors such tracking differences, cost and liquidity to help you make the best choice. [More]

Two new exchange traded managed funds (ETMFs) give investors access to "real return" strategies without having to use platforms. The Schroder Real Return Fund (Managed Fund) was launched on August 16 (ASX:GROW). The AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund) was started on August 5 (ASX:DMKT). The former is based on Schroders' Real Return CPI Plus 5% fund, while the latter is based on the AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund. Annual returns over four years are 6.67 per and 8.02 per cent respectively, says Dugald Higgins, senior investment analyst at Zenith Investment Partners. The Schroders fund targets returns of 5 per cent above inflation (before fees) over rolling three-year periods. The AMP fund's goal is inflation plus 4.5 per cent over rolling five-year stretches. [More]

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