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UBS IQ Morningstar Australia Quality ETF

Fund Manager: UBS
Inception Date: Oct 01, 2012

BlackRock takes aim at active ETFs

Investor Daily - May 24, 2018

There is little to recommend the practice of housing actively managed funds within an ETF structure, argues BlackRock. Speaking in Sydney on Tuesday, BlackRock head of iShares Jon Howie indicated he was unconvinced by the concept of actively managed ETFs. “Broadly, active management is an important part of healthy functioning capital markets,” Mr Howie acknowledged.   “The next question is: does that active management need to be in the form of an exchange-traded fund?” He conceded that there were “strong arguments” that buying active strategies on an exchange would be cheaper for investors than buying on a platform. [More]

Australia's exchange-traded funds industry could be a prime beneficiary should the royal commission trigger regulation that calls time on the practice of financial services firms pushing their own products, the head of BlackRock Australia's iShares business says. Speaking at a media roundtable hosted by the ASX on Tuesday, Jon Howie credited the Freedom of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms of 2013 as a key factor in accelerating the adoption of ETFs in Australia, and said further regulation springing from the banking royal commission could provide a similar fillip for the industry. The FoFA reforms, among other things, inserted a requirement that financial advisers act in the best interests of their clients, and also placed a prospective ban on "conflicted remuneration structures", including commissions. [More]

SMSFs putting trust in ETFs

Money Management - May 21, 2018

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have quadrupled their investment in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) over the last five years, the latest Class SMSF Benchmark Report has revealed. Over that period, SMSF investment in ETFs jumped from $4.2 billion to $19.6 billion. The portion of SMSFs using ETFs also increased, from 7.9 per cent to 18.9 per cent. SMSFs also represented a significant portion of ETFs investors at one third, holding more than 50 per cent of total ETF asset value. [More]

Getting more active about ETFs

Money Management - May 21, 2018

Despite ongoing competition between passive and active managers driven by fee pressure, changes in the market environment driven by higher volatility, and the potential impact of passive strategies, the Australian exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry remains on track. Although most managers would agree that ETFs will never be the entire solution for financial planners and their clients and there would be still room for both active and passive strategies, most funds managers offering ETFs said they were satisfied with the current pace of absorption by the financial planner community. [More]

BlackRock confirms iShares delisting timetable

Financial Standard - May 11, 2018

BlackRock has laid out options for iShares ETF investors to liquidate their holdings, reconfirming it will suspend the trading of five products from the ASX in about a month. On May 3, BlackRock said it was pulling five iShares products from the Australian Securities Exchange and re- domiciling 14 from US to Australia to cut taxes for investors. The scrapped iShares ETFs were indexed to Russell 2000, MSCI Singapore, Global Telecom, MSCI Hong Kong and MSCI BRIC. The group's ticker codes are: IRU, IXP, ISG, IHK and IBK. BlackRock is giving investors until the close of trading on June 15 to sell the respective iShares stock. The five ETFs will be officially delisted on June 22. [More]

Perfect alignment

Money Management - May 11, 2018

t’s all about doing the right thing for clients and taking clients’ trust extremely seriously when it comes to the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) space, according to the winner of this year’s Money Management/Lonsec ETF Provider title, Vanguard Investments Australia. Vanguard Australia’s head of investments, Daniel Reyes said the way the firm thought about its investment philosophy was based on building trust with clients while making sure they had clear investment goals, the right asset allocation relative to those goals, and discipline. [More]

The rise of ETFs has brought low cost investing to the masses. One of the first things an advocate of ETFs will quote is their low cost, which ultimately means more money stays with the investor rather than the fund manager. We remember a time not that long ago where investors in managed funds would pay over 2% per annum in management fees for a basic product designed to track the index. This generally included a hefty trailing commission to be paid to a financial adviser whether you used the ... [More]

InvestSMART to launch active ETF

Investor Daily - May 07, 2018

In a statement, InvestSMART announced plans to list the active ETF on the ASX under the ticker INIF in June, before which it would launch an Initial Offer of units at $2.50 per unit from 14 May. The ETF mirrors the firm’s current Australian Equity Income Portfolio, which has demonstrated returns of 11.05 per cent per annum since it was incepted in July 2015. The active ETF will have a management fee of 0.97 per cent and no performance-based fees. InvestSMART head of funds management Alastair Davidson indicated in the statement the new ETF would underweight banks (with an exposure of less than 9 per cent, compared to over 22 per cent in the ASX200) and prefer “under-valued, cash-producing companies” instead. [More]

Blackrock Australia has recently announced that they will be converting 14 of their iShares US domiciled ETFs to Australian domiciled ETFs, removing the pesky W8-BEN form as a requirement for investors in these products. We took a look at the ETFs listed on the ASX last year which are cross listed. There are 25 in total. Removing these 14 in the list will greatly reduce the amount of these, making admin for Australian investors much simpler. What does this mean? Internationally domicile ... [More]

BlackRock restructures US-domiciled ETFs

Investor Daily - May 04, 2018

Speaking to InvestorDaily, BlackRock Australia head of iShares Jon Howie said 14 of its US-domiciled iShares ETF funds would be restructured into Australian-domiciled iShares ETFs. He said the reason for the conversion was because investors were finding it confusing to fill out the tax-related paperwork associated with investing in the US-domiciled funds. While the current standard tax withholding rate was 30 per cent, Australia’s tax treaty with the US meant investors could fill out a tax form called W-8BEN and have the tax rate reduced down to 15 per cent, Mr Howie said. However, the form was “not super easy to read” and needed to be filled out every three years, a process that investors had found “confusing” and “frustrating”. [More]

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