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UBS IQ Morningstar Australia Quality ETF

Fund Manager: UBS
Inception Date: Oct 01, 2012

Record-breaking month for ETF market

Investor Daily - Nov 15, 2018

Australia’s ETF industry continues to thrive despite the sharemarket decline with $3.9 billion in value traded according to a review by BetaShare.           BetaShare’s October ETF review found the Australian ETF market recorded its highest trading value ever in October with the industry taking in over $700 million in new money. Sharemarket falls caused the Australian ETF industry to drop 3.2 per cent in October (equating to $1.3 billion), lowering total FUM to $40.8 billion. However, net flows into ETFs were positive, with the industry taking in around $760 million of new money. [More]

Australia’s first international small companies ETF has begun trading on the ASX to give investors access to over 3,000 small companies.           The Vanguard MSCI International Small Companies Index offers Australians access to 3910 small company holdings across 19 developed markets internationally.  The Index allows ETF investors to tap into the long-term growth potential that can often be found in the sector. [More]

ETFs: Buy strategy not structure

Financial Standard - Nov 15, 2018

The managing director at a Sydney-based global equities manager accepts the seismic and long-term shift of investor money to exchange-traded funds, but said one core element is often forgotten in this development. Antipodes Partners managing director Andrew Findlay said the appealing structure of an exchange-traded fund or product should not be the top reason to invest. Investors would be better placed to buy into an ETF's strategy rather than its structure, he added. [More]

ETF Securities launches CURE ETF

Money Management - Nov 12, 2018

ETF Securities has launched its new CURE exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which will offer investors exposure to healthcare biotechnology companies. CURE would follow the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index, which according to the company, achieved annual growth of 21.9 per cent in Australian dollar terms over the five years to 31 October 2018. [More]

Fidelity International has launched its first Active ETF on the Australian Securities Exchange, the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: FEMX).  As an active ETF, the fund has a benchmark index1 but the portfolio management team makes active decisions about the underlying portfolio allocation rather than adhering to the index, with the aim to outperform the benchmark over time. [More]

Fidelity launches first active ETF in Australia

Money Management - Nov 06, 2018

Fidelity International has announced the launch of its first active exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Australia, the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund (FEMX). The firm said that as an active ETF the fund would have a benchmark index, however, the portfolio management team would make active decisions about the underlying portfolio allocation rather than adhering to the index, with the aim to outperform the benchmark over time. FEMX would provide investors with access to a concentrated portfolio of 30-50 quality emerging market companies and would be managed by portfolio manager, Alex Duffy. [More]

Advisers will be able to access Chinese shares through a new ETF that will list on the ASX in November in what is being regarded as an Australian first. The VanEck Vectors China New Economy ETF will list on the ASX later this year and enable Australian investors to access a diversified portfolio of profitable and fast-growing China A-shares via a single trade on the ASX. [More]

BetaShares launches new ETF.

Money Management - Oct 23, 2018

Australian exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider BetaShares has launched its new Global Income Leaders ETF (INCM) which will offer Australian investors access to a portfolio of 100 global companies (ex-Australia). The new fund would track the Nasdaq Global Income Leaders Index, based on a dividend yield-weighting methodology which assigns a larger weight to companies with a higher dividend yield. As at 30 September, INCM’s index showed a 12-month trailing dividend yield of around 4.5 per cent per annum, the firm said. [More]

The Chinese stock markets are notoriously volatile, stuffed full of domestic retail investors who trade on sentiment and can trigger huge market swings in either direction. Professional investors are sorely lacking although the Chinese government has been trying to encourage a greater institutional presence over the past few years for greater investing discipline and market stability. Part of that push included granting a handful of foreign asset managers a Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor licence via a programme which started in 2011. [More]

Vanguard to launch new ETFs

Financial Standard - Oct 17, 2018

Vanguard Australia is set to list two new exchange-traded funds on the ASX, enabling investment in international small companies and global listed infrastructure. The Vanguard MSCI International Small Companies Index ETF (ASX:VISM) and the Vanguard Global Infrastructure Index ETF (ASX:VBLD) will commence trading on the ASX in the coming weeks. In terms of cost, VISM attracts a management fee of 0.32 per cent while that of VBLD will be 0.47 per cent. Vanguard said the VISM will be the first ETF listed in Australia to offer broadly diversified international small cap exposure to about 3910 holdings across 19 developed markets globally. [More]

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