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BetaShares Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF

Fund Manager: Betashares
Inception Date: Oct 05, 2016

BetaShares, a leading manager of exchange-traded products, has been awarded a ‘Recommended(Index)’ rating from Lonsec for its Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF (ASX: EX20) Launched in October, EX20 provides exposure to approximately 180 stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, ranked from number 21 to number 200, based on their market capitalisation. By excluding the top 20 largest stocks listed on the ASX, EX20 gives investors broad market exposure beyond the stocks which a significant proportion of Australian investors already hold in their portfolios. [More]

BetaShares launches new ex-20 fund

Financial Observer - Oct 11, 2016

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider BetaShares has launched a new Australian equities fund that excludes the top 20 stocks on the ASX, in an effort to counteract the common biases of investors who are often overweight local blue-chip stocks. The BetaShares Australian Ex-20 Portfolio Diversifier ETF (EX20) will track an index that includes all ASX 200 stocks except the top 20, while also capping specific sector weight at 25 per cent and single stock weight at 6 per cent. Commenting on the launch, BetaShares managing director Alex Vynokur said EX20 would provide essential diversification to investor portfolios, counteracting the common bias towards the big four banks in particular. [More]

If there’s one common theme that comes through in the argument against index investing in Australia, it’s the high weighting of the flagship S&P/ASX200 index to just a few companies, specifically banks and miners, limiting the usefulness of index investing for diversification benefits. This means whilst invested in the top 200 Australian companies, investor’s returns are highly correlated to the fortunes of a few companies whose own performances are highly correlated to eac ... [More]

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