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BetaShares Geared Australian Equity Fund (Hedge Fund)

Fund Manager: BetaShares
Inception Date: May 01, 2014

Riding the share market rollercoaster

ETF Watch - Nov 07, 2018

The month of October 2018 saw volatility return to global share markets. With fairly benign conditions for a few years now, it did not take long for doom and gloom headlines to dominate as markets fell by anywhere from 10 – 20%. Markets may have stabilised for now but for how long? We take a look at the ETFs and LICs most affected by the falls, and some strategies available to help investors ride out the volatile times. What caused the volatility? October has a certain infamy about i ... [More]

The Australian exchange traded fund (ETF) industry hit a new record of $27.4 billion in funds under management (FUM) at the end of March, according to BetaShares Australian ETF Review – March 2017. According to the study, around 60 per cent of the growth came from new money flows ($782 million) while the remaining 40 per cent accounted for by net asset value appreciation. BetaShares’ managing director, Alex Vynokur, said: “Both the strong inflows coming into ETFs and the strong market performance resulted in a very positive month for the Australian ETF industry.” [More]

Retail investors used the savage Brexit sell-off as a buying opportunity, snapping up "oversold" assets including the ASX and the British pound, according to data from two of Australia's biggest exchange-traded funds providers. ETFs, which track the performance of an index or asset class, are favoured by retail investors for their ease of use and low fees. The ETF market grew 44 per cent between 2013 and 2015, and at the end of May total funds under management in Australia topped $23 billion, according to Vanguard.  Robin Bowerman, Vanguard Australia head of strategy and communications, said on June 24, when the results of the British referendum on European Union membership votes were counted and eventual leave result revealed, trading volumes shot up 192 per cent on its 90-day average.  [More]

Getting smart about beta

ETF Watch - Dec 10, 2015

Most market indexes are based purely on weightings by market capitalisation.  This means larger funds by market cap make up a higher weighting of the index. Most ETFs follow these market cap indexes.  A search of the ETF Watch fund database shows by Management type: “Index Tracking” shows 90 of 128 ETFs on the ASX follow this approach. There are some potential shortcomings of market weighted indexes, including: The investor is buying more of overvalued companies and l ... [More]

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