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Global Masters Fund

Fund Manager: Global Masters Fund
Inception Date: May 01, 2006

Age catches up with Buffett tracker fund

The Australian - Oct 28, 2017

Investment legend Warren Buffett would be proud of the listed investment company’s rationale for not charging base or performance management fees. With two-thirds of Global Masters’ circa $18m of investments tied up in Buffett’s investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway, the LIC serves as a local conduit for investors who can’t afford to shell out $US284,000 ($366,000) for a single Berkshire share. “There is no logical reason why we should be charging a management fee if we are not managing anything,” Global boss Manny Pohl says. “When you have two passive investments it’s not right to be charging a management fee. Mr Buffett does that for us.” [More]

In a period which included shocks like Brexit and the Trump election win, equity markets performed surprisingly well in the 2017 Financial Year, with the Australian market up around 14% including dividends and global markets up around 20%. Most investors would be ecstatic with this type of performance every year and after the disappointment of the 2016 Financial Year, where most markets went nowhere, was a nice return to positivity for investors. Below we have listed the performance of all of ... [More]

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