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iShares Global Corporate Bond ETF (Hedged)

Fund Manager: Blackrock
Inception Date: Dec 04, 2015

BlackRock launches Aussie 'core' ETFs

InvestorDaily - Apr 28, 2016

BlackRock has launched five new 'core' ETFs for Australian investors, designed to provide low-cost access to the key exposures used by investors to construct diversified, long-term portfolios. The iShares Core range of ETFs comprises three equity and two fixed-income ETFs, BlackRock said in a statement. Head of iShares Australia Jon Howie said passive funds are becoming a starting point for many discussions on portfolio design. “We are seeing a shift in usage as passive investments increasingly move to the core of client portfolios and investors use them to build low cost and diversified solutions for the long term,” he said. The iShares Core ETFs can be combined to provide global multi-asset class exposure, including newly launched exposures to the MSCI World Investable Market Index, the statement said. The index captures large-, mid- and small-cap companies across 23 developed market countries, and covers around 99 per cent of the free float-adjusted market capitalisation in each of those countries. [More]

A new strategy for yield-hungry investors

Switzer Daily - Mar 17, 2016

Low cash rates continue to challenge income-seeking investors. With the current cash rate of around 2%, term deposits are now just a little under 3%– well down from the 6% to 7% highs of 2011. In such a low-interest environment, investors have had to rethink their income exposure away from term deposits. It’s not surprising that Australian companies paying good dividends have been popular with yield-hungry investors. Companies like the big banks and Telstra have provided investors with dividend yield of around 6% to 7%. These stocks are now a big part of most income targeted portfolios.  A range of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can also meet the needs of income-seeking investors. Growth and innovation in the ETF market now means investors can invest across a range of asset classes, including fixed-income. Using these strategies can provide investors with the opportunity to enhance the income in their portfolio.  [More]

The marketing teams & journos must already be on Christmas holidays because over the last couple of weeks with little fanfare Vanguard and iShares have launched a total of 7 new ETFs on the ASX, with 5 focusing on global fixed income. Lets take a look at what's new. Fixed Income & Credit ETFs 5 of the new ETFs fill the much under-represented fixed interest sector of Australian ETFs. In fact, until now there has been no access to global fixed interest or credit securities in ... [More]

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