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iShares Enhanced Cash ETF

Fund Manager: Blackrock
Inception Date: Jun 06, 2017

From famine to feast in Cash ETFs

ETF Watch - Jun 07, 2017

There was a time not too long ago that cash investors had only a single ETF to pick from. That’s recently changed with a number of new listings, and now investors have a wide range of ETFs available to meet their cash needs. We take a look below. Betashares Australian High Interest Cash ETF (AAA) Until recently investors in cash had a single ETF available, the Betashares Australian High Interest Cash ETF (AAA). With no competition, AAA has been one of the Australian ETF success stori ... [More]

BlackRock lists cash ETFs

Financial Standard - Jun 06, 2017

BlackRock has listed a further two iShares ETFs in Australia and both are aligned to cash. Benchmarked to the S&P/ASX Bank Bill Index, the iShares Core Cash ETF (ASX: BILL) and the iShares Enhanced Cash ETF (ASX: ISEC) both provide access to a diversified portfolio of highly rated money market and short term fixed interest Australian dollar securities. The iShares Core Cash ETF is part of the Australian Core series of iShares ETFs, a range of low cost, broad exposures, and aims to deliver the yield of the benchmark at the competitive price of seven basis points per annum. BILL provides investors with a regular income stream while preserving principal and liquidity through the maintenance of a portfolio of high quality short-term money market instruments. Its estimated yield to maturity is currently 1.75%. [More]

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