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iShares Global Healthcare ETF

Fund Manager: Blackrock
Inception Date: Mar 01, 2009

There are now around 80 ETFs available on the ASX with international exposure. This is great news for investors, with the Australian share market making up just 3% of global markets, investors can easily access the other 97% through purchase of an ETF on the ASX. Investors in ETFs may have come across the terms Australian and Internationally domiciled (also known as cross-listed). There’s some subtle differences that the country an ETF is domiciled in brings. Below we’ve taken a look ... [More]

One of the biggest investment themes in the US in recent times has been “impact investing”. In Australia it is clear investors are also looking to ‘‘do some good with money’’. But one of the first issues encountered in this area is scepticism: what does impact investing mean exactly? Put simply, impact investing is an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social or environmental impact that is actively measured. For advisers working with Australian clients, opportunities in this area might include the ability to co-invest with the Australian Clean Energy Finance Corporation or the opportunity to invest in a Social Impact Bond. [More]

One of the unique attributes of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and one which they share with managed funds, is their ability to create new units. This means that theoretically there is no limit to the size that an ETF can get to. We thought it would be interesting to have a look at which ETFs had the highest net inflows last financial year to see where investors have been placing their money. The table below shows the top 20 ETFs by net inflows for the 2016 Financial Year. Note that this is sep ... [More]

After a reasonably slow start to the year, there’s been a flurry new ETFs listed over the last couple of months covering a broad range of focus areas. This includes everything from large cap focused global funds, to niche industries, and a couple of actively managed ETFs, a trend that shows no signs of abating. Today we’re going to take a brief look at the eight new listings over the last two months. Betashares Global Energy Companies ETF – Currency Hedged (FUEL) Launched ... [More]

3 ASX ideas to load up on for the next recession

Motley Fool Australia - Dec 15, 2015

Will Australia enter a recession? That’s the big question, with the budget still out of control, consumer confidence persistently low, and the general economy slowing down. There’s no clear answer, but if Australia did enter a recession, investors will want to avoid stocks exposed to consumer discretionary spending, employment and housing activity like JB Hi-Fi Limited (ASX: JBH) and Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd (ASX: HVN). [More]

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