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iShares Global Telecom ETF

Fund Manager: Blackrock
Inception Date: Mar 01, 2009

There are now around 80 ETFs available on the ASX with international exposure. This is great news for investors, with the Australian share market making up just 3% of global markets, investors can easily access the other 97% through purchase of an ETF on the ASX. Investors in ETFs may have come across the terms Australian and Internationally domiciled (also known as cross-listed). There’s some subtle differences that the country an ETF is domiciled in brings. Below we’ve taken a look ... [More]

3 ASX ideas to load up on for the next recession

Motley Fool Australia - Dec 15, 2015

Will Australia enter a recession? That’s the big question, with the budget still out of control, consumer confidence persistently low, and the general economy slowing down. There’s no clear answer, but if Australia did enter a recession, investors will want to avoid stocks exposed to consumer discretionary spending, employment and housing activity like JB Hi-Fi Limited (ASX: JBH) and Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd (ASX: HVN). [More]

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