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Monash Absolute Investment Company

Fund Manager: Monash Invetors
Inception Date: Apr 12, 2016

It’s a fairly obvious truth in the funds management world, but not everybody wants to try it: to beat the index, you have to have a portfolio that differs from the index. That was the philosophy behind Monash Investors, an experienced absolute-return specialist Australian equity investment manager established in 2012. The founders, Simon Shields – a former head of equities at both UBS and Colonial First State – and Shane Fitzgerald, a former senior equity analyst from UBS and JPMorgan, had no interest in comparing their investment performance to a market index, which they felt consigned an investment manager to riding the share market up and down. Instead, Shields and Fitzgerald decided to use their stock-picking skills to simply try to produce a positive return, no matter what the market did, while trying to avoid loss in any one financial year. They set a target return of between 12–15 per cent a year after fees, over a full market cycle, which they define as five to seven years. [More]

Monash Investors recently announced that they are launching a long short, absolute return listed investment company that will list on the ASX in April 2016. Named the Monash Absolute Investment Company (MA1), Monash has been managing a similar strategy as a managed fund, but after a number of clients asked to access their strategy in a listed form, the firm decided to launch their first LIC. Unlike most Australian equity based LICs offered in the market today, this one has a number of distinc ... [More]

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