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Montgomery Global Equities Fund (Managed Fund)

Fund Manager: Montgomery Investment Management
Inception Date: Dec 20, 2017

Perpetual wins new active ETF mandate

Financial Standard - Dec 20, 2017

Perpetual Corporate Trust has been appointed responsible entity for a new exchange-traded managed fund. Montgomery Global Investment Management launched the Montgomery Global Equities Fund (MOGL) on the ASX after raising over $54 million, largely from retail investors. It invests in a portfolio of global companies and derives its strategy from the Montgomery Global Fund. [More]

Boutique Fund Manager Montgomery Global Investrment Management has joined a small but growing group of fund managers to launch an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF). The Montgomery Global Equities Fund (MOGL) is due to begin trading on the ASX just before Christmas and is currently open to seed investors. The initial offer is open until 14 December 2017. MOGL's objective is to: ... provide investors with long term capital growth as well as income distributions of at least 4.5% ... [More]

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