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Betashares NASDAQ 100

Fund Manager: BetaShares
Inception Date: May 01, 2015

The ETFs cashing in on the Tech boom

ETF Watch - Jun 01, 2017

Amazon has been making headlines lately. With announcements that they are moving into the Australian market, many have called for the death of Australian retailers and just this week Amazon shares hit US $1,000, making founder Jeff Bezos the second richest person in the world. All for a company that started its life selling books and is yet to turn a profit.  Its not just Amazon; Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) are all in the top 10 companies in the US based S&P ... [More]

Experts say exchange traded funds can give young investors "instant gratification" similar to that being offered by new tech-driven financial products, but without the high fees.  Investment experts have told young investors considering moving their retirement savings to the new tech-focused superannuation fund Spaceship that its fees were higher than most super funds and they would be taking on more risk. Several professional investors pointed to its disclosures that showed Spaceship's initial portfolio of stocks would be assembled using of index funds and exchange-traded funds, which have become central to many new financial products that are aimed at millennial investors. ETFs are cheap and easy to access, even for retail investors. [More]

ETFs hit all-time high in May

Money Management - Jun 15, 2016

The Australian exchange traded fund (ETF) industry has hit an all-time high aided by price appreciation as both domestic and global share markets rallied in May, according to BetaShares. The BetaShares Australian ETF Review revealed that the total funds under management (FUM) amounted to $23.2 billion last month, representing a 6.3 per cent growth across all metrics, including net inflows, trading activity and new products launched. Additionally, only 30 per cent of the month's growth, or $411 million, came from new money, according to the study. Related News: PE and VC will help investors boost the economy BetaShares managing director, Alex Vynokur, said that in May, in addition to significant FUM growth, the market also saw an increase in trading volume of 23 per cent on the previous month. "The upside seen in the NASDAQ 100 Index highlights the importance to investors of considering diversification, especially in light of the opportunities found in the international markets," he added. [More]

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