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NGE Capital Limited

Fund Manager: Kentgrove Capital
Inception Date: Nov 01, 2016

Global markets recorded positive gains in the 2018 Financial Year, continuing their march forward in what is becoming one of the longest bull markets in history. This all occurred in the wake of rising global interest rates, US trade pressures with China and the unravelling of Bitcoin mania. The Australian market ended the financial year up a respectable 12.5% including dividends, with global markets up around 15%. The period was free of any major volatilty, with no large drops recorded. As we w ... [More]

The short takeover battle for vacuum cleaner specialist Godfreys looks to be over, with victory to be claimed by 99-year old suitor and co-founder John Johnston after the acceptance of his bid by fund manager David Lamm. The acceptance took Mr Johnston’s investment vehicle Arcade Finance beyond the 50.1 per cent control mark to make its takeover offer unconditional. Mr Johnston, who launched Godfreys in 1936 with Godfrey Cohen, launched his bid for the retailer on April 9. [More]

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