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PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited

Fund Manager: PM Capital
Inception Date: Dec 01, 2013

Time for global active managers to outperfor ...

Steve Green from - Aug 24, 2017

This is a guest post from Steve Green. Steve is a full-time investor with a focus on LICs, event-driven and activist investing. You can follow some of his ideas at his investment blog at Most investors probably have an inkling that active fund managers are not doing a stellar job when it comes to outperforming the S&P 500 of late. Sometimes a chart is worth a thousand words, and here is one that ought to grab the attention of those with a penchant towards a mean revers ... [More]

Antipodes Partners have today launched their new Listed Investment Company (LIC) IPO, Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (APL), which is aiming to raise up to $220m. Antipodes Partners are likely relatively unknown to most investors, they haven't been around too long, launching their first 3 managed funds in July 2015, however they have offer an impressive pedigree, with ex Platinum Asset Management Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Jacob Mitchell at the helm. They also boa ... [More]

2016 has certainly started with a bang. As we write this the ASX is down around 8% for the year, some advisers are telling their clients to sell everything and the most fear and panic we’ve seen for a number of years are gripping global markets. This two part series is going to look at some of the strategies and funds that can be used to protect your portfolio in these volatile times. Part 1 below focuses on Listed Investment Companies (LICs), with part 2 focusing on Exchange Traded Funds ... [More]

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