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Perth Mint Gold

Fund Manager: Perth Mint Australia
Inception Date: Dec 01, 2010

Riding the share market rollercoaster

ETF Watch - Nov 07, 2018

The month of October 2018 saw volatility return to global share markets. With fairly benign conditions for a few years now, it did not take long for doom and gloom headlines to dominate as markets fell by anywhere from 10 – 20%. Markets may have stabilised for now but for how long? We take a look at the ETFs and LICs most affected by the falls, and some strategies available to help investors ride out the volatile times. What caused the volatility? October has a certain infamy about i ... [More]

Perth gold fund to make mark on Wall Street

The West Australian - Aug 16, 2018

The Perth Mint is taking WA gold to Wall Street with a unique exchange-traded fund. The Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF began trading on the New York Stock Exchange last night, with its shares offering part ownership of an ounce of gold and secured by bullion stored in the mint’s East Perth vaults. The mint, which is run by the State-owned Gold Corporation, says the fund provides a “direct pathway for Australian-mined gold to be sold into the world’s largest financial markets”. It describes the ETF as the first to be backed by physical gold, which is guaranteed by a sovereign entity, in this case the WA Government. [More]

To the surprise of everyone except maybe Boris Johnson, with 51.9% of the vote, the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Markets have reacted with expected volatility, and experts clamour to give their view on what this unexpected result means. We’re not in a position to provide our own forecasts, but we will look at some of the ETFs that are sure to be affected by this momentous event.  Currency ETFs Upon the Brexit announcement, the UK pound dropped over 10% against the U ... [More]

After a few years in the investing wilderness, Gold is back! With global sharemarkets seeing the most turmoil since the GFC, primarily driven by worries about Chinese and US growth, Gold is shining again, rising from a low of about US $1,050 an ounce in December, to briefly touch US $1,250 an ounce last week. This represents close to a 20% rise in just a couple of months. Gold is reflecting its safehaven status, and in Australian dollar terms is not far off its all time high set in 201 ... [More]

In our last post we looked at some of the Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that investors could use to smooth out periods of volatility like global share markets have experienced in the first few weeks of 2016. Today we’re going to look at 7 strategies that may help get through periods of volatility and some of the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that utilise these strategies. 1. Equal Weight ETFs We touched on Equal Weight ETFs in our post Getting Smart about Beta. These are funds wh ... [More]

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