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ETFS ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETF

Fund Manager: ETF Securities
Inception Date: Sep 14, 2017

Riding the share market rollercoaster

ETF Watch - Nov 07, 2018

The month of October 2018 saw volatility return to global share markets. With fairly benign conditions for a few years now, it did not take long for doom and gloom headlines to dominate as markets fell by anywhere from 10 – 20%. Markets may have stabilised for now but for how long? We take a look at the ETFs and LICs most affected by the falls, and some strategies available to help investors ride out the volatile times. What caused the volatility? October has a certain infamy about i ... [More]

Here at ETF Watch we love seeing new ETFs launched. None more so than ETFs that attempt to home in on future megatrends. Betashares are targeting one of these megatrends, being Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with their Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF (RBTZ). Today we take a look at RBTZ. What is the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Megatrend? In recent years we’ve seen robotics automation replace many of the menial and dangerous jobs completed by humans. We& ... [More]

In the last couple of years, there has been a proliferation of thematic ETFs launched in Australia, giving investors access to certain themes or niches previously not available to Australian investors. Earlier this year we listed the themes we’d like to see made available to local ETF investors. The good news is today one of those themes is now available, through ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETF (ACDC). ACDC provides investors with access to a range of Lithium miners (the key natural ma ... [More]

Graham Tuckwell can now joke that fund managers used to give him the cold shoulder. When he wanted to talk to them about his business, ETF Securities, they would often think he was pitching Eftpos (EFT). Now, billions are flowing into ETF (exchange-traded funds) assets globally. In the first six months of this year about $2 billion was tipped into passive, index-tracking ETFs in Australia, according to the latest half yearly review by BetaShares. Total funds under management in ETFs were $39.2 billion at June 30 and BetaShares expects it to grow to about $48 billion by the end of the year. [More]

A new breed of technology funds is changing how Australians invest in global tech companies. But these exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have unusual traits and potentially higher risk. Several ETF issuers have launched ASX-quoted funds over global tech indices and more are on the way. Investor interest in tech is rising as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security and other emerging tech capture the market's imagination. ETFs range from BetaShares funds over the NASDAQ 100 index and a cybersecurity index to ETF Securities' fund over robotics and AI stocks and another issued over a Morningstar index that identifies tech companies with sustainable advantage. [More]

Tech ETFs under the microscope

AFR - Jun 04, 2018

Several exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers have launched ASX-quoted funds over global tech indices and more are on the way. But these ETFs have unusual characteristics and can carry higher risk for investors.. Here is what's on offer and how they work. 1. BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF (NDQ) This is a simple way to get exposure to tech giants listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market in the US. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet (owner of Google) and Intel make up almost half the NASDAQ-100 index on which the ETF is based.   It has returned 15.8 per cent annually since inception in May 2015. A management expense ratio (MER) of 48 basis points is competitive for an ASX-quoted international ETF. [More]

ETF Securities reaches $1bn in AUM

Money Management - Apr 27, 2018

ETF Securities has announced its assets under management (AUM) have reached $1 billion, with ETFS Physical Gold (GOLD) now worth almost $600 million, with returns of 6.07 per cent over the last six months. According to ETF Securities Australia’s Australian chief executive, Kris Walesby, Australian investors began to feel more confident and comfortable in using exchange traded funds (ETFs) to help them build their portfolios. [More]

As the Australian ETF market matures, there are only so many traditional index weighted ETFs available for product issuers to target. Whilst there are still a few gaps (where’s the ASX listed FTSE ETF?), we expect new issues of these types of ETFs to further decline. This means ETF issuers need to get more creative in their listings, finding themes, trends and strategies that attract investor funds. One of the most exciting developments in ETFs over the last couple of years has been the ... [More]

While artificial intelligence still feels like it belongs in the domain of science fiction, it is already part of many of our lives – at least in a juvenile form. Every time you ask Apple's Siri or Google's Alexa a question, the voice recognition software and algorithms that produce responses to your probably trifling questions is a form of AI. The software that helps Tesla cars drive autonomously and now guides the massive mining trucks of the Pilbara trundling along their paths is also a form of artificial intelligence. The tasks that once would have required the application of human brains can now – to various degrees of success – be performed by a computer. No wonder, then, that analysts at Citigroup predict AI "could be just as disruptive as the advent of the smartphone".   [More]

As the Australian ETF market begins to mature, the number of new ETF listings have begun to slow down. However, this has meant that any new listings coming through tend to focus on specific market niches or themes rather than the more broad based markets that we saw in the early days of the rise in ETF popularity. ETF Securities, after earlier this year taking back the branding of their ETF products (previously having a joint venture with ANZ), have recently been launching a number of new E ... [More]

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