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Switzer Dividend Growth Fund (Managed Fund)

Fund Manager: Switzer Asset Management
Inception Date: Feb 24, 2017

Are ETFs Overdone?

FN Arena - Jun 21, 2017

I’m currently in Italy but last Thursday I rang into my radio program, which my colleague Paul Rickard was hosting. Thursday is usually called Radio Russian Roulette where anyone can ask any money question imaginable. As I was in the rustic setting of Pozzo in Tuscany, it should have been called Radio Rustic Roulette, but that cleverness did come to me until I finished my hour. However, a caller did ask about our Switzer Dividend Growth Fund after his accountant raised issues around liquidity. Undoubtedly, this concern came following an AFR story about ETFs [exchange-traded funds], and it follows a number of stories pedelled in the media. Before looking at the actual story that followed a warning from the RBA, let me point out that ETFs are taking business away from traditional fund managers and some journalists are being cultivated to make investors jumpy. [More]

This might sound like a fairy story, but once upon a time investors expected to receive double digit returns and often did. Fat yields and easy money were all the rage, so if various fees were chewing up 3 per cent or so, what the heck – there was plenty to go around. Of course, money was not growing on trees and inflation was eating up a bigger slice of earnings than most realised, but the structure of the wealth management industry and a mixture of innocence and laziness on the part of average investors meant high fees were the norm and therefore didn't seem so high to most people. In other words, we were mugs. [More]

The newly-formed Switzer Dividend Growth Fund has raised more than $60 million directly from investors in two weeks, according to sources. The offer period for the listed fund opened on January 30 and closed on February 17. Switzer Asset Management, previously known as Halidon Asset Management, is jointly owned by Contango Asset management and Switzer Financial Group. Financial commentator Peter Switzer is chairman of the group and Paul Rickard, the founding managing director of CommSec, is a non-executive director.   Contango boss George Boubouras is a director of the new Switzer large cap fund while broker Charlie Aitken is an independent committee member.  [More]

Peter Switzer, the name and face of Switzer Daily, the Switzer show on Sky News, Switzer Financial Planning, the Switzer Super Report, Switzer Home Loans, Switzer Business Coaching and an often entertaining twitter feed, seemingly having ticked off every other component of Wealth Management is now putting his name to a new Exchange Traded Managed Fund, the Switzer Dividend Growth Fund (SWTZ). With the vast majority of new listings over the last year or so attempting to carve out their own nic ... [More]

Switzer Asset Management is ramping up plans for a listed dividend growth fund, sources told Street Talk. James Packer-backed Contango Asset Management will manage the Exchange Traded Managed Fund Product (ETP) and the offer period is said to open on January 30, 2017. The active ETP market in Australia was thrown into the spotlight by listed manager Magellan Financial Group in 2015. Street Talk understands high-profile broker Charlie Aitken will be an independent committee member for the new Switzer large cap fund. [More]

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