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ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF

Fund Manager: ETFS
Inception Date: Apr 11, 2017

As the Australian ETF market matures, there are only so many traditional index weighted ETFs available for product issuers to target. Whilst there are still a few gaps (where’s the ASX listed FTSE ETF?), we expect new issues of these types of ETFs to further decline. This means ETF issuers need to get more creative in their listings, finding themes, trends and strategies that attract investor funds. One of the most exciting developments in ETFs over the last couple of years has been the ... [More]

The ETFs cashing in on the Tech boom

ETF Watch - Jun 01, 2017

Amazon has been making headlines lately. With announcements that they are moving into the Australian market, many have called for the death of Australian retailers and just this week Amazon shares hit US $1,000, making founder Jeff Bezos the second richest person in the world. All for a company that started its life selling books and is yet to turn a profit.  Its not just Amazon; Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) are all in the top 10 companies in the US based S&P ... [More]

ANZ launches global technology ETF

Financial Standard - Apr 11, 2017

ANZ ETFS is providing investors access to the world's top technology stocks in one trade with the launch of a global technology exchange traded fund. The ANZ ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF will track the Morningstar Developed Markets Technology Moat Focus Index, currently comprised of 32 stocks, including some of the world's largest listed technology companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. The index focuses on undervalued, high-quality technology businesses with an economic moat - the potential to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term. ANZ ETFS head Kris Walesby said the ETF marks an opportunity for Australian investors to tap into a locally domiciled broad-based, pure technology fund. [More]

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