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Thorney Technologies LTD

Fund Manager: Thorney Investment Group
Inception Date: Dec 23, 2016

Billionaire investor Alex Waislitz in considering launching a listed property fund modelled on his successful investment companies Thorney Opportunities and Thorney Technologies. Mr Waislitz, who has made his $1.39 billion fortune from investing in ASX-listed small and mid cap companies, has been increasingly shifting his attention to the property industry in the past few years. His private Thorney investment group currently lends about $20 million to property developers and small companies in which it has an interest, and has a substantial property portfolio of its own in Australia and offshore, particularly in the US. [More]

Billionaire property investor Marc Besen and fruit and vegetable magnate Frank Costa are among the BRW Rich Listers and corporate identities backing Alex Waislitz's latest listed investment company. His Thorney Technologies lists on the ASX on Wednesday morning after raising about $42 million from investors, led by the billionaire Waislitz himself. The company has been seeded with stakes in six listed technologies companies, having emerged from the shell of failed bio­diesel company Australian Re­newable Fuels [More]

The new Alex Waislitz-backed listed investment company focusing on the technology sector has enjoyed a solid first day of trading on the Australian Securities Exchange with the shares closing just above their issue price. Thorney Technologies shares closed at 23.8c compared to their issue price of 22c. A host of rich-listers and long-time patrons of Mr Waislitz have backed the company, which was launched following the recapitalisation of a failed biodiesel company, Australian Renewable Fuels. [More]

Due to close on 20 December, Thorney Technologies Limited is aiming to raise up to $125m for a new technology focused LIC, through a backdoor ASX listing. The listing will include a $25m allocation to retail investors with the remainder of the offer open to instutitional investors. Managed by Thorney Investment Group, manager of the $120m Thorney Opportunities Limited (TOP), Thorney Technologies Limited (TEK) will be a technology focused LIC. Thorney Technologies will take on around $6m worth ... [More]

Billionaire Alex Waislitz has called in Bell Potter to raise up to $125 million for Thorney Technologies, a listed investment company with an issue price of 22c a share and a market capitalisation of up to $131.1m. Thorney Group, chaired by Mr Waislitz, will be the fund manager, as it is with another ASX-listed investment firm, Thorney Opportunities. It will hold about 20 per cent of Thorney Technologies issued capital following the float, seeding the new fund with holdings in Adacel Technologies, OneVue, Webjet, NextDC, Hub 24, iSelect, Updater and Anatara LifeSciences. [More]

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