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Vanguard Diversified Balanced Index ETF

Fund Manager: Vanguard
Inception Date: Nov 22, 2017

Vanguard Investments, one of the biggest ETF providers in the world yesterday launched four new ETFs. These new ETFs are not accessing new investments or markets, rather they are packaging up bundles of their existing ETFs into single diversified options, allowing investors to access diversification through a single share market trade. What are the these new ETFs? For a long time investors have been able to access Vanguard’s range of diversified unlisted managed funds by investing di ... [More]

Vanguard rolls out multi-asset ETF suite

Financial Standard - Nov 22, 2017

In a first for the Australian market, Vanguard is launching four multi-asset exchange-traded funds, which offer diversified portfolios within a single trade. The four Vanguard Diversified Index ETFs - Conservative (VDCO), Balanced (VDBA), Growth (VDGR) and High Growth (VDHG) - will allow investors to gain diversification across and within all major asset classes, and choose how much risk to take on. Vanguard Australia head of product and marketing Evan Reedman described the launch as a "significant development for the Australia market," adding that the move will make investing "a far more accessible and transparent option for many Australians, and ultimately help them achieve their financial goals."Each Diversified Index ETF represents a share class of an existing Vanguard Diversified Index Fund, meaning ETF investors can access established asset pool through Vanguard's existing range of non-listed multi-asset funds. [More]

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