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Vanguard Australian Government Bond Index ETF

Fund Manager: Vanguard
Inception Date: Apr 01, 2012

What to make of bond-based ETFs? It is hardly a surprise that following on the success of share-based ETFs there is not a rush into bond products. Before I say anything I must declare an interest here. I am involved in selling bonds directly to private investors. Still, I expect any logical reader will not argue with the points I am about to make. Investors are taking to exchange traded funds, or ETFs, in droves. Who has time to individually assess companies for investment anymore? An ETF is an index-based portfolio of underlying assets such as stocks, bonds, oil futures, gold bars or foreign currency that divides ownership of those underlying assets into shares. These assets are indirectly owned by ETF investors who are entitled to a proportion of profits, income or dividends and franking credits paid by investments contained within an ETF. Similar to shares, ownership of an ETF share can be bought, sold or transferred on an exchange. [More]

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