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Wealth Defender Equities

Fund Manager: Perennial Value
Inception Date: May 01, 2015

Perennial Value Management veteran stock picker John Murray has defended the lacklustre performance of the fund manager’s listed offshoot Wealth Defender Equities, which uses “airbag” derivative tools to protect holders from violent market downturns. A listed investment company, Wealth Defender Equities, or WDE, floated at $1 a share in May last year (with an attached option) but since then has traded well under its issue price and the net tangible value of its portfolio. Mr Murray, who has a sizeable personal stake in the listed investment company, says WDE will not change its value-sniffing approach. “WDE is still unique,’’ he said. “The spots on the WDE tiger have not changed.” [More]

2016 has certainly started with a bang. As we write this the ASX is down around 8% for the year, some advisers are telling their clients to sell everything and the most fear and panic we’ve seen for a number of years are gripping global markets. This two part series is going to look at some of the strategies and funds that can be used to protect your portfolio in these volatile times. Part 1 below focuses on Listed Investment Companies (LICs), with part 2 focusing on Exchange Traded Funds ... [More]

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