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Betashares Managed Risk Global Share Fund

Fund Manager: Betashares
Inception Date: Dec 21, 2015

Political unrest between the US, Russia and North Korea means now is the time to consider the universe of safe-haven assets available should tensions escalate. It may also be an opportune moment to form investment views about how you may wish to tweak your portfolio in the event of all-out war. While traditional lower-risk assets such as gold generally do well in troubled times, there are other smart ways to profit when geopolitical tensions rise to the surface. [More]

BetaShares managed risk funds FUM exceeds $200m

Money Management - May 26, 2016

The strong demand for BetaShares "managed risk series' of exchange traded funds (ETFs), pushed its funds under management (FUM) to over $200 million, according to the fund manager.  BetaShares said the series of three managed risk funds was developed as investors and advisers wanted exposure to capital and income returns, while they were concerned about the risk of losses during "significant market declines".   The funds included BetaShares Australian dividend harvester fund (managed fund), BetaShares managed risk Australian shares fund (managed fund), and BetaShares managed risk global share fund (managed fund).   The BetaShares Australian dividend harvester fund (managed fund), the longest running managed risk fund at BetaShares, delivered a distribution yield (paid monthly) of 12 per cent, which compared to the yield of five per cent from the S&P/ASX 50.  [More]

In our last post we looked at some of the Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that investors could use to smooth out periods of volatility like global share markets have experienced in the first few weeks of 2016. Today we’re going to look at 7 strategies that may help get through periods of volatility and some of the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that utilise these strategies. 1. Equal Weight ETFs We touched on Equal Weight ETFs in our post Getting Smart about Beta. These are funds wh ... [More]

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