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iShares Edge MSCI World Minimum Volatility ETF

Fund Manager: IShares
Inception Date: Oct 14, 2016

Australia's exchange traded funds market is expanding as issuers launch ETFs that provide exposure to different assets, sectors or strategies. The following is a selection of newer-style exchange-traded products (ETPs), but remember you'll also need to assess factors such tracking differences, cost and liquidity to help you make the best choice. [More]

There’s been a clear trend this year of new ETF listings employing Smart Beta strategies, in an effort to differentiate themselves and overcome the limitations of traditional market cap weighted indexes. Blackrock's iShares has just launched 4 new ETFs as part of their ‘Edge’ series (their Smart Beta funds, designed to form the ‘edges’ of your portfolio as opposed to their traditional ‘Core’ offerings). The new ETFs on offer include an Australian and ... [More]

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