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BetaShares Strong U.S. Dollar Fund (hedge fund)

Fund Manager: Betashares
Inception Date: Jan 24, 2017

New hedge funds for BetaShares

Financial Standard - Jan 30, 2017

Capitalising on the success of its currency-based exchange traded product series, BetaShares launched two exchange traded hedge funds today.   The ETP manager has made available the BetaShares Strong Australian Dollar Fund (AUDS) and the BetaShares Strong US Dollar Fund (YANK). AUDS provides investors with magnified long Australian dollar exposure to the change in valuations of the AUD relative to the US dollar, giving them the ability to potentially mitigate or hedge currency risk. Equally, YANK is designed to offer investors greater 'long USD' exposure to the performance of the US dollar relative to the Australian dollar. [More]

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