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ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF

Fund Manager: ETFS
Inception Date: Jun 01, 2015

ANZ US ETF gets Lonsec tick of approval

Money Management - Jan 16, 2017

The S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility Exchange Traded Fund is the fifth of ANZ's ETFS' to receive a 'recommended' rating from ratings house Lonsec and tracks the 50 highest return US stocks with low volatility/defensive bias.   Following the upgrades of the ANZ ETFS Physical US Dollar ETF, Physical Renminbi ETF and Physical Gold ETF to 'recommended' by Lonsec last June, ANZ's latest offering (ASX:ZYUS)aimed to participate in equity market upside while withstanding expecting growth declines and volatility.  [More]

There’s been a clear trend this year of new ETF listings employing Smart Beta strategies, in an effort to differentiate themselves and overcome the limitations of traditional market cap weighted indexes. Blackrock's iShares has just launched 4 new ETFs as part of their ‘Edge’ series (their Smart Beta funds, designed to form the ‘edges’ of your portfolio as opposed to their traditional ‘Core’ offerings). The new ETFs on offer include an Australian and ... [More]

Global interest rates are at record lows and investors are searching for returns in excess of the measly couple of percent they can get on bank deposits. Retirees in particular rely on income returns to fund their pension payments from their super funds, and Australian tax laws favour income payments in the form of dividends for those on low tax brackets. All of the above factors contribute to Australian investors’ obsession with yield. Today we will take a look at some of the equity based ... [More]

In our last post we looked at some of the Listed Investment Companies (LICs) that investors could use to smooth out periods of volatility like global share markets have experienced in the first few weeks of 2016. Today we’re going to look at 7 strategies that may help get through periods of volatility and some of the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that utilise these strategies. 1. Equal Weight ETFs We touched on Equal Weight ETFs in our post Getting Smart about Beta. These are funds wh ... [More]

Getting smart about beta

ETF Watch - Dec 10, 2015

Most market indexes are based purely on weightings by market capitalisation.  This means larger funds by market cap make up a higher weighting of the index. Most ETFs follow these market cap indexes.  A search of the ETF Watch fund database shows by Management type: “Index Tracking” shows 90 of 128 ETFs on the ASX follow this approach. There are some potential shortcomings of market weighted indexes, including: The investor is buying more of overvalued companies and l ... [More]

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